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Clay works

Large pots with multicoloured fish and plant life on outside of bowl in different colours of stoneware clay. Outside of pot is protected by a clear glaze where the inside is glazed in multi-coloured glazes making them very attractive for the discernible collector.

Large stoneware pots with Seahorse and coral motifs with outside of pot in brightly coloured glazes, inside with a blue or green mottled glaze. These pots are a very high collectable item.

Large display platters with fish motifs around the edges of wide rim. These platters are also in stoneware and glazed in vibrant colours.

Large carved porcelain platters that are brightly coloured and over-glazed with a clear coat.

Smaller stoneware pots carved, coloured and glazed. These are highly collectable and are in collections worldwide.

Stoneware vases and smaller bowls with fish, lizard and flower motifs on them. Brightly coloured and very collectable.


Pender Island, BC Canada