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  • One of a kind pieces of furniture. Some with wood carved panels, some with hammered copper panels. All unique and collectable pieces.

  • Some are made from found and discarded pieces of metal and some are meticulously cut out, shaped and welded into place in a very high styled shape to resemble fish. Some are stand alone fish sculptures for the gardens, or can cover a whole wall as a 3D relief sculpture.

  • These are done in mainly a black wonderstone, we also have stone sculptures in soapstone and alabaster.

  • We have wallhangings that are quilted (I have been producing these for over 30 years), then I also produce woven wallhangings that would be classified as mixed media.

  • These are mainly in hardwoods such as Honduras Mahogany, Teak, Black Locust, and many others. Most are figurative work and some are highly stylized abstract pieces of work.

  • Some are lino cuts, others are giggle prints, some are silkscreen and then some are woodblock prints, but all are small run limited addition prints.

  • We produce fine ink drawings on Velum. These are one of a kind original signed and dated. They are produced in fine realism to stylized to cartoon.

  • We have clay sculpture ranging in size from 3" tall to 3' tall. We have a large porcelain kiln that can fire quite a large piece of work. Most of our clay sculpture is of the female nude.

  • We can illustrate just about any type of book, inside and outside, we can do record covers also. We have illustrated comic books, children's books and also adult literature along with Fetish writings.

  • We do computer graphics for advertising, business cards, posters, billboards, and websites. If you are interested send us a note.

  • Large pots with multicoloured fish and plant life on outside of bowl in different colours of stoneware clay. Outside of pot is protected by a clear glaze where the inside is glazed in multi-coloured glazes making them very attractive for the discernible collector.

    Large stoneware pots with Seahorse and coral motifs with outside of pot in brightly coloured glazes, inside with a blue or green mottled glaze. These pots are a very high collectable item.

    Large display platters with fish motifs around the edges of wide rim. These platters are also in stoneware and glazed in vibrant colours.

    Large carved porcelain platters that are brightly coloured and over-glazed with a clear coat.

    Smaller stoneware pots carved, coloured and glazed. These are highly collectable and are in collections worldwide.

    Stoneware vases and smaller bowls with fish, lizard and flower motifs on them. Brightly coloured and very collectable.

  • All are acrylic on canvas. Only professional grade acrylic paint is used. All the paintings are coated in at least 5 layers of clear acrylic polymer to make sure the paintings are well protected from damage.


Pender Island, BC Canada