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Lenda Freeborn

Hermit Crab's Breakfast. - Sold.

During my 35 years as an artist I have gone through the whole spectrum of art, from the simplest drawings to the most intricate lino-cuts. Simple quilted wall hangings to woven hangings that are 10’x8’. From splash and dash paintings, to realistic paintings, on to abstract then finally settling on what I am doing now, and have been doing for the past dozen years. I find that fanciful paintings are what I had been looking for all my life. The freedom of being able to draw or paint in this fashion is beyond words. They are the most interesting and rewarding work I have done in my long carrier. I not only apply it to my acrylic paintings but also include it in my graphics design work. This is probably why my work is in such high demand in advertising and poster designs. All of my work seems to grab the attention of the observer who finds it difficult to just turn and walk away.

I have made my living from my artwork and computer design for the last ten years. I totally enjoy what I am doing, am never bored with the path I have chosen in life. Even though it can be demanding at times, I would never give it up.


Pender Island, BC Canada